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Cat Command for Compaction

Cat Command for Compaction


Dramatically boost consistency, coverage, and safety through semi-autonomous equipment solutions with the all new Cat® Command for Compaction.

Cat Command for Compaction is an operator-assisted, semi-autonomous technology that automates the compaction process based on operator inputs. Command controls the speed, direction, steering, and vibration system of the soil compactor to promote consistency in compaction.

Benefits & Features

Compaction Quality

Eliminate Skill Gaps

Up To 60% Better Coverage

  May 19, 2024



Benefits & Features

Compaction Quality


Controls speed, direction, steering, and vibration system


Dual RTK precision helps achieve up to 60% better area coverage


Connects to commonly used base stations for simple set up

Eliminate Skill Gaps

Automates the Compaction Process

Command automates the compaction process based on operator inputs that can be saved.

Constant Speed, Correct Pass Count

Command performs at a constant speed, with the correct number of passes at the correct vibe settinga nd with the correct amount of overlap, for all operators.

Uniformity is Key

Ensures uniform compaction process even on jobsites where multiple operators run a single machine.

Up To 60% Better Coverage

Consistency Matters

Command keeps compaction parameters consistent with its semi-autonomous technology.

Boost your Coverage

Improve compaction coverage by up to 60% compared with a novice operator.

Predictably Consistent

Increased process control and precise overlap helps promote more consistent and predictable compaction results, helping to hit compaction targets more frequently.

Technology Made Simple

Easy Set Up

Command is easy to set up. No need for back office work or site designs for system to operate. Command connects to commonly-used base stations and operator defines area to compact using the machine itself.

First Step Toward Autonomy

With the operator still present and involved, Command offers the benefits of an automated process without any of the uncertainties of a fully autonomous machine working on today’s jobsites.

Simple to Operate

Defining an area is as simple as Record - Pause - Stop. There are only 3 simple inputs needed after compaction area is defined.

Increased Jobsite Safety

Auto-Stop Safety Features

The safety of your operators and others on the jobsite is paramount. Command includes features that aid in safe machine operation.

System Interlocks

Several system interlocks help promote safe operation by preventing machine from entering auto.

Radar Detection System

Integrated object detection system alerts operator to objects in path of the machine.

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